Why Cuba is the Best Holiday Destination in Summer 2017

Looking for an exciting holiday destination in 2017? Cuba is a fantastic choice and somewhere that not too many people have had the pleasure of travelling to, ensuring that everybody will be desperate to hear about your trip once you return. Here are just a few of the great reasons to head to this beautiful and charming Caribbean island this summer.

Change on the Horizon

With the relaxed embargo between the United States and Cuba, it means that change is on the horizon for the island. Whilst this will bring many benefits, it will also see Cuba become a lot more “Americanized” in the near future. This means that time is of the essence and you should visit Cuba now to experience the wonderful identity.


The vibrant, colourful and lively capital city of Havana is unlike anywhere else in the world. Spanish colonial architecture, colourful American muscle cars and bustling side streets are just a small part of its charm and there is plenty to see and do here.


Cuba also boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean. Gorgeous sandy beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees gently swaying in the wind all await here, making them ideal places to soak up the sun and chill out with a pina colada and a good book.

Natural Surroundings

Whilst most people think of Havana or the beaches when they think of Cuba, the island actually has stunning and varied natural surroundings to explore in the countryside. This includes mountains, thick rainforests, tobacco fields, wild valleys and colourful flora and fauna.


Additionally, the people of Cuba play a huge role in what makes this such a unique and excellent holiday destination. Throughout the island, you will find the locals to be very welcoming and friendly, plus they also know how to have plenty of fun too.


When in Cuba, it is crucial that you embrace the culture and try the local produce here. Rum and cigars, flavoursome cuisine, lively music and a generally relaxed way of life can all be enjoyed in Cuba.

These are just a few of the reasons that Cuba should be the top of your list for summer holiday destinations this year. It is a unique destination and somewhere that will soon change (for the better but also for the worst), so now is the best time to go and see it in all its great beauty.