Creative Ways Some Travelers Fund Their Trips

One of the biggest advantages those people who appear to succeed finically have over the majority, who often marvel at just where and how these people manage to find all the extra money they have, is the ability to look beyond money as it exists in the form of currency and focus more on the value it represents. What it’s about really, is the ability to look at a certain amount of money, perhaps represented by a bank note you’re holding in your hands, and visualize the value attained in whatever it is you want to spend that amount of money on.

This is how some travelers get creative in the funding of their travels – they understand that the elements which come together as part of the process of planning a trip aren’t necessarily those which have to be manifested through money physically changing hands, or even digitally. You don’t have to go directly to the airline you want to fly with, for instance, and pay them money for a ticket.

Travel agencies

Travel agencies come in different shapes and forms, with online flight and accommodation search aggregators making for the modern traveler’s best friend. This is often how you’re able to take advantage of flights with long layovers, which afford you the opportunity to explore more destinations along the way.

Loyalty & rewards programs

Some of the best loyalty and rewards programs go beyond getting points, cash back and qualifying for free travel related products and services with the regular use of specific booking platforms. There are programs which allow members to join and pay a monthly fee and then the program operator negotiates the best in bulk deals for the collective, often resulting in some colossal savings.

Going back to the application of some clever micro-economics

There are various credit options out there where you can get a small top-up in emergency situations. So, if you’re in need of that small cash injection to cover those all-important expenses, credit options such as payday loans could be ideal for you. Just remember though that as with any credit, you should make sure you are able to meet the repayments.


Value-bartering is becoming formalized in some travel spheres, such as how you can perhaps “couch surf” or embark on a “workaway”, which effectively has you trading some of your time and skills to lend a helping hand in running a specific place of accommodation, for the bed you’d subsequently get.