Creating Your Own Well Labelled Herb Garden

I love cooking, and what I’ve always loved the most is the different kinds of smells that come from the kitchen. That’s why I knew I wanted to get my own indoors herb garden, also because the plants would make my apartment feel more alive and visually appealing. For me it was an easy decision, home decor and cooking coming together in one amazing project. But I had no idea where to start, this would be my first attempt at gardening and I had never taken a project like this before at home. So after some research this is how I decided to do it:

Decide which herbs you should plant
I found out a lot of plants that could be included in my indoor herb garden. But since it was my first project and I didn’t want to over complicate things I narrowed it down to basil, rosemary,lavender, oregano and thyme. I researched what each seed would need and planned so had it all planned very carefully – what additional nutrients, the right sized pots, and I also made sure that I knew how I was going to prune them.

Space for your herb garden
Next, set up a space where your garden will get the sun it needs. Since different seeds might need full sun or partial shade in the afternoon, the location is very important. I got the same style of planters for all of my herbs but marked each one with personalised labels with the name of each herb. That way, even during the germination process I could identify each herb and not get confused while moving the planters depending on their sun requirements. The labels also made it look more polished.

Explore all the different style options
Think about how you want to display you herb garden. Would you like a simpler display by the window or would you prefer to do it in some kind on rack? Is your style not classic or edgy? There are tons of ideas that might fight your taste and really make your herb garden pop.

An herb garden can be as simple or complex as you decide, just keep in mind how much effort you are willing to put into creating this space in your house. It can be an amazingly fun project that will enhance your house and your cooking.