Creating a Unique Travel Niche Instagram Page

To supplement our travel blogs and other platforms one which we post content, like YouTube, many of us travel bloggers have Instagram accounts to go with the likes of Twitter, Facebook, etc. These platforms were made to encourage uniqueness in the content you post, but if you jump on Instagram right now you can almost immediately tell that what you’re looking at is an account covering the travel niche.

Even some personal accounts have that highly polished, travel-blogger type look, which isn’t a bad thing in itself, except it’s becoming somewhat of a cliché now. Travellers post the same kind of pictures, where you can tell a lot of time and effort went into getting that so-called “Insta-perfect shot.”

Hey, people are even inventing features at some popular destinations that don’t even exist, a famous example of which is how one grammer used a bowl in some popular Bali temple location to create the illusion of some water. What funny scandal when more grammers flocked to the same location, looking for the water that apparently bore some beautiful reflective illusion magic!

Creating a unique travel niche Instagram page is not necessarily about fooling onlookers with special effects that are further filtered out. Anybody these days can get free Instagram followers through apps such as GetInsta, but if your content is not authentic you’ll have trouble hanging on to those followers.

Creating unique travel niche Instagram content is all about seeking out an authentic story to capture with your lens or your very powerful phone’s camera these days. Focus on the story and you’ll be amazed at how awesome the resultant snaps you take and upload become.

Sure, you probably want to show off the fact that you might have been someplace famous too, but if your aim is to get as much of your content to reach as many users as possible, you’ll have to avoid effectively uploading “duplicate content.” It’s not technically duplicate content in the sense that you would have downloaded a pic somewhere and then re-uploaded the exact same pic to your own Instagram account, but rather how the algorithm interprets the content. If you’re standing at the exact same location with the Eiffel Tower in the background as 20,000 other grammers, for instance, how does your particular pic differ from the others?

If you’re going to feature the most popular landmarks, try to do it in a unique way, perhaps by tilting the shot a bit or simply placing the iconic landmark in a little bit of a different position than what is considered to be conventional.

I like to create mosaics with my pics, but that usually only really works best with viewers of my content who are on full-sized computers.

The Instagram likes app I use in the form of GetInsta definitely helps me to get ideas on creating unique content as I flip through the pictures and accounts of other users who are also looking to get followers and likes via the same app.