Cold Weather Tips for RVers in Delaware

RVing is easier than ever. Not only are there plenty of RV-friendly parks that are located throughout every state, you can even rent an RV from Outdoorsy if you don’t have one!

Although you may think of RVing as a summer vacation idea, because RVing is easier than ever, traveling in the winter is easier than ever too.

Here are a few tips that will keep you warm and entertained throughout your Delaware RV adventure.

Find an RV Park That’s Open in the Winter

There may be multiple RV parks in every state, but that doesn’t mean they are open all year long. It’s easy to see why many parks close. Maintaining the grounds throughout the snowy season can be a real pain, especially if that particular park wouldn’t get much traffic anyway.

Not all parks feel the same way. Some are proud to be open in the winter. For example, Tall Pines Campground and Resort is open all year long. You may not be able to enjoy the splash park or the pool when it’s cold outside, but this park does keep you close to the ocean, which is beautiful any time of the year.

Winterize the RV

It is important to winterize your RV if you’re traveling in the winter. It’s even more important in a state like Delaware that can get really cold and snowy.

Quite a few things go into winterizing your RV, but every step is important if you don’t want to deal with any problems while you’re vacationing. If you’re renting an RV, make sure you ask the people you’re renting from what they have done to winterize their RV and if they have any winter traveling tips for while you’re out and about.

Pack Accordingly

How you pack for a winter RV vacation is very different than how you would pack for a summer RV vacation.

There are the obvious things, like packing winter clothes, but you should also pack accessories that you might not have with you during the rest of the year.

A space heater can help keep you warm, as can glove warmers. A humidifier will make the air in the RV more comfortable. Moreover, dry air can affect your overall health, including dry skin, eye irritation, sore throat, allergies, frequent coughs, sinus headaches, etc. You may also have to buy distilled water for the humidifier since it may require less upkeep, smell better, and extend the life of the device.

Plan Your Activities Thoughtfully

It may be true that there are fewer festivals and events during the winter months, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t plenty to do! You just have to plan carefully by planning a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities that allow you to come inside and warm up frequently.

A few ideas include:

  • Take a Yuletide tour during the holiday season
  • Visit the Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
  • Take a brisk winter walk on the beach before heading to the salon to relax and warm up

Don’t let the snow outside keep you from taking your next RV adventure! If Delaware is on your vacation radar, give it a try in the winter. Not only are there plenty of fun things to do, you can beat the crowds too!