Best Travel Spots To Discover In Texas

Texas is the second largest state in all of the U.S., and there’s lots to explore. You could take several different trips to Texas and not see everything there is to see. A targeted approach to your exploration could help you find a more enriching route to travel.

Do a little research before planning your trip, and delve into all Texas has to offer. Start now and check out this brief look at some of the best travel spots to discover in Texas.


Austin is the capital city of Texas, and the character of the city will grant you the opportunity to experience an array of culture, cuisine, and scenery. Take the family on a road trip, and drive safe as you experience Austin.

You’ll have the chance to explore several museums, the uniqueness of the natural Barton Springs Pool, and some excellent live music after the sun goes down. Check out Sixth Street for some of the best of the Austin music scene.


Dallas is rich in American history, and your travels can teach you tons in this city. Investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and travel the route he traveled on that fateful day.

Experience first-hand what it was like for the beloved President only moments before his passing. Visit the Fort Worth Stockyards to get a glimpse of an old-fashioned cattle drive. And at the end of the day, whether you’re in the mood for champagne toasts on rooftops or low-key dives, the best Dallas Texas Bars tend to offer a reflection of the city itself, a distinctive combination of both comfort and luxury.


Houston is one of the most popular spots in all of the U.S. to get a tasty plate of barbecue. You’ll have a delicious experience in the city, and bask in a rich display of culture.

It’s no challenge to find a museum in the city. The Houston Zoo is world-renowned for its work with animals, and the Johnson Space Center will satiate your need to explore what lies beyond.

San Antonio

Another great spot for soaking in history is San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is host to the infamous scene of The Alamo, but there’s more to the city than juicy bits for history enthusiasts.

If art is more your scene, San Antonio won’t let you down. The San Antonio Museum of Art is full of various works, displaying a diverse array of creativity. The city’s zoo and aquarium are also an excellent experience to explore.

South Padre Island

Your first thought when traveling to Texas probably isn’t that the state has miles of gorgeous coastlines to explore. South Padre Island is home to 34 miles of serene beaches to enjoy, and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico will feel perfect to take a dip.

You may not want to travel to this particular destination during the spring break time of the year, but any other time is pretty chill. There are also plenty of kid-friendly activities to enjoy as you explore the whole of South Padre Island in Texas.