Best BBQ Grills and Smokers for Your Food Business

Starting a BBQ food truck business is not light on the budget. You will have to secure anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000 to convert a truck to a food truck. On top of this investment, you will need to have enough money to cover for the initial inventory and operational cost that your business will need to start. Permits and other business documents are also included in the expenses that you should consider when starting a BBQ food business.

Another aspect to consider when starting a BBQ food truck business is the type of BBQ grill that you will need for your business. Some prefer to have grills on trailers while other BBQ truck businesses are more inclined to have their grills located outside the truck instead. Whatever your preferred grill location is, here are some of the top grills and smokers that you can use for your food truck business.

Offset Smoker Pits

This type of smoker and BBQ grill is located outside a food truck and is attached to the truck to be mobilized. It can either have a brick pit or a converted LPG tank as its source of fuel. This type of grill is commonly referred to as stick burners. In this type of BBQ grill, the meat is placed in the main chamber of the grill while the fire is located at the side, offering indirect heat to the meat. It can be a good option if you are looking into serving steaks and steak barbeques. It generally requires no electricity and can be easily mobilized from one place to another. If you want to start a food truck business, you can look for companies like Cool Running Rental (if interested, check out their refrigerated van hire service).

Conventional Barbeque Grill

The conventional BBQ grill features electric or coal as the source of heat. The meat is placed directly on top of the source of heat, with a grill in between. This is one of the basic setups for cooking BBQ for business as well as in homes. These types of BBQ grills are usually rectangular in shape and considered as one of the traditional ways of cooking BBQ.

Wood Fired Oven

Wood fired ovens are also equipped in some food trucks serving grilled and BBQ menus. It is 100% wood fired and can be automated into varying degrees to control the time of cooking for the meat. It looks like a rotisserie with hotspots that keeps the meat moving inside the chambers for equal sides cooking. It has a self basting feature and can be installed straight to an exhaust vent.

Wood Fired Gas Smoker

Although most wood fired gas smokers are industrialized in type and would fit well in restaurants instead of food trucks, there are a few smaller versions available in the market. Some can be even fabricated as needed, personalized for food truck use. The primary source of heat for this type of smoker is gas but whole logs are also used to offer smoke that creates the distinguished flavor in BBQ. It features a digital gauge that does not require monitoring. Barbeque and steak grilled in this type of smoker enjoys clean burning smoke, free of chips and sawdust. Meats are cooked without the smoke rink. This type of grill is one of the commercially economical grill models available for food trucks.

When choosing a grill or smoker for your BBQ food truck, always consider safety, features and sustainability. At the end of the day, it all boils down to taste and flavors created from your meat, flavors and your grill. 

Joie Mojica

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