Are inflatable paddle boards worth the money?

Paddle boarding has become a great option as a hobby in the UK for those looking to exercise in an alternative way. Exercising has great health benefits both physically and mentally, and getting out on the water whilst using paddle boards offers a change of scenery many don’t have in their day-to-day lives. With all the stress that comes from work and any part of life, paddle boards offer an escape to forget all these troubles by getting out and exploring. As soon as you have your equipment, you are ready to go!

Whilst getting the equipment is essential, if you are a beginner like myself you may want to go to your nearest store and get some lessons out on the water. Paddle boards come in all different varieties and different boards will help you excel at different disciplines, so your choice will depend on a number of factors, namely skill. This blog will look into inflatable paddle boards, and whether they are worth the investment. There are many benefits that come with inflatable paddle boards such as better performance compared to alternatives such as hard boards. Keep on reading to find out more!

Where you are at with your paddle boarding

When looking into getting an inflatable paddle board, the first question to ask yourself is what is your skill level/is this suited for me. Also depending on your budget, you may be able to purchase one for future use if you are new to the hobby. If you are an experienced paddle boarder, then there is no question it is worth the investment.

Getting the most out of using paddle boards, the inflatable option offers far superior performance to the standard board, as it has been engineered to be lighter allowing for more freedom of movement and quicker travel as you ride the waves. They are also built to last, in comparison to the cheaper alternatives which use less superior materials, are more likely to get damaged and tear away after use in the water. Whereas the design of inflatable paddle boarders makes them not only lighter but stronger as well.

Also the convenience of inflatable paddle boards, as they have been designed to be carried around in your backpack. Whether you are travelling to a local spot or walking out of your way, the inflatable paddle boards are far lighter and flexible in terms of being flattened down on route, and then pumped up when you are ready to go. Transforming the ability to explore out on the water to those remote areas you do not often get the chance to see.


There are many benefits to inflatable paddle boards as listed in this blog, with their convenience and far superior performance, there is no doubt they are worth the investment to get the most out of your paddle boarding experience. Even if you are a beginner, it can be good long term once you get to grips with the water!