Antarctica – Solitude, Silence and a Whole Bunch of Penguins

Nowadays, you’ve got to queue pretty much everywhere, even in the most exotic locations. Not so, when you travel to Antarctica, where instead you will be engulfed by tranquility and a golden, icy silence. If you like shopping or spa treatments, a hectic nightlife or top restaurants, a trip to Antarctica is off the menu, however, for something truly memorable and wild, Antarctica ticks all the boxes.

Getting There

Trips to Antarctica from Australia and other places are now possible by cruises. You may opt for small boats with a 45 passenger capacity, or indeed a larger cruise ship catering for in and around 300 people. Your choice will ultimately depend on how close you want to get to this somewhat hostile environment. Large boats offer more facilities and comfort, however, smaller boats tend to facilitate longer stopovers and bring you ever so close to the stunning beauty of this desolate land and seascape. Additionally, you can check with holiday and vacation travel agencies like Polar Holidays or the ones like them that can provide great offers on the Antarctica cruise travel packages.

It is also possible to go to Antarctica by air, with a variety of airlines offering regular flights. You must remember though, that flying to Antarctica will greatly reduce the depth and intensity of your Antarctica experience, simply because you won’t be sitting on a boat cruising through vast, isolated seascapes and imagining yourself as Ernest Shackleton or Tom Crean.

The Right Time to Travel

Travel to Antarctica between November and March, unless you don’t mind even lower temperatures and an excess of darkness and freezing, cold, weather. During these months, the penguin colonies are at their busiest, with chicks hatching just before and after Christmas and leaving the nest in March. Whales are also out and about during these months.

Brace Yourself for a Hostile Environment

A trip to Antarctica can be physically challenging, as temperature are exceedingly low and the weather can worsen rapidly at times. Get yourself, good waterproof clothing, warm shoes, woolen undergarments and a good warm hat and good quality gloves. Check in with your doctor before the trip, just to be on the safe side.

No Swanky Hotels, Sophisticated Bars or Five Star Restaurants – Just Sea, Ice and a Whole Load of Wildlife

The penguin colonies you’ll come across in Antarctica will captivate your heart if the humpback whale hasn’t already stolen it. You’ll be equally enchanted by the large flocks of seabirds, and the albatross is pretty stunning too.

As for the ice and the ocean, the crisps cold air, and the gorgeous silence, well, they may all be a far cry from luxury hotel living and swanky enjoyment, but they most certainly will take your breath away.

Join an Expedition

If you are really adventurous, and fancy experiencing Antarctic wonder the non-tourist way, you may also join an expedition, provided you possess some decent qualifications and qualify as a candidate.

Antarctica – The Last Frontier

The inhospitable climate of the Antarctic has kept the crowds away and maintained its standing as the earth’s last frontier. Only here you can be sure of silence and true tranquility, void of all tacky, human interference.