Adding greenery to your walls – Make your home aesthetically pleasing

As per Pinterest’s latest trends, there’s greenery everywhere and this has drastically increased searches for greenery décor by about 100% since the last year. Floral arrangements are actually lovely as adding faux or real greenery is a stunning and fresh way of bringing the outside indoor, irrespective of the season.

From winding ivy to beautiful eucalyptus, there are numerous leaves, vines and shrubs from which you may choose. In fact, while choosing the best living walls for your house, it is required that you know the kind of greenery that you wish to add.

Moreover, you can design a green wall for interiors and exteriors both. For example, if you have an indoor courtyard, you can grow herbs and vegetables inside, and for exterior walls, you can get aesthetic plants that can improve the curb appeal of the property. But you may have to protect your walls from dampness and shrinkage when installing planters, for which wall sidings can be a great option to consider. You can consult a siding contractor online on websites such as to get more information about the same. Additionally, keep reading to know the best tips to incorporate greenery into your house.

  • Decorate your mantle

Did you still use eucalyptus anywhere in your house? If answered no, this is where you should start now. We all know that the eucalyptus tree has a specific fragrance which adds to the freshness of your room. If you can scatter few branches of eucalyptus all over your mantle, this can turn out to be one of the best ways of incorporating a burst of greenery into your living room. The remaining portion of the room should be kept neutral so that your plant can stand out.

  • Create a basket look with plants

Are you looking for a new twist with your brand-new pumpkins? Well, how about creating a nice greenery basket and use it as one of the smartest ways of celebrating the season without having to go OTT. For creating this basket look, you can choose any green plant but if you decorate with the knotweed version, this is definitely going to add a touch of color to the piece. You can fill an entire basket and sprinkle white pumpkins in small places throughout the house. For other flower wall requirements, you can check out Flower Girl Toronto.

  • Dress the frame of your bed

How about trying to add greenery to your bedroom with a simply ivy or fern garland? If you have acquaintances with a craft store, you can choose a faux arrangement. However, be sure to amalgamate various versions for creating a realistic look. You can weave this garland through a bed frame or place it as a table runner to create a beautiful and modern look.

  • Add floatable greenery

Are you someone who feels too adventurous about adding greenery to your room? If yes, you should add floating candlestick as a centerpiece of your living room. Magnolia leaves or fern leaves or rosemary leaves are few of the best choices for creating that look. All you need to do is add water after cleaning those wine bottles and don’t miss that floral centerpiece which will be the focal attraction of the room.

Therefore, if you wish to add greenery to your house within a budget, you should take care of your finances. For better monetary and investment decisions, you may check out My Money My Freedom as this is a website run by professionals.