A Fantastic Trip at Bristol with Minimal Spending? Here’s How.

We all want to make the most of our weekends; for most of us who live the 9-5 life, they offer the perfect time to do the things we want to do and explore the places we want to see. However we are not always blessed with the disposable income to be able to do so. So how can you create the perfect weekend away for a reasonable price?

Stay in an affordable yet vibrant city

If you stay in a city that does not have sky-high accommodation prices you will have gotten your trip off to the perfect start.

Whilst you may view serviced apartments as an expensive option they come in a variety of sizes and in many cases will prove more cost if there is a big group of you.

Bristol is one of the largest cities in the south west and there’s plenty to see and do when you visit the city. A well-positioned serviced apartment will give you a great place to retreat to after a busy day and reduce your reliance on the city’s public transport. 

Stay in the right accommodation for your group size

As stated earlier you will find no problems when looking for the right sized serviced apartment for your group. The fantastic thing about them is the fact that you get space as well as amenities. This means you will be able to spend more time exploring the beautiful city of Bristol. Areas like the Harbour Side district and Clifton are full of restaurants to visit and attractions to see.

Find activities to do in the city that are free

One common travel hack to keep costs down is to make sure you stick to activities that are free. Some of the best free attractions in Bristol are: The Bristol Museum, Cabot Tower and Spike Island.

Free daytime activities are a fantastic way to pass the time, and you will also save more money to get a better serviced apartment. 

Get a serviced apartment for your stay

A Serviced apartment offers you a lot of benefits. You are usually given a good amount of space and a lot of the chores associated with staying in an apartment are taken care of.

The Beech House serviced apartments in Clifton are an example of some of the best serviced apartments available in the city; well-located and with all the amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible.