7 Travel Gadgets You Should Not Live Without

Who doesn’t like travelling? Most of us do and we try to travel as often as we can. However, regardless of how frequent a traveler you are, there are always ways to improve your travelling experience and that’s where we come in. Sure, you probably have your own packing routine and your tricks and rituals probably work perfectly. But, why not make it even more practical and efficient with a few more tips and tricks? Having a mind and spirit of someone who is drawn to new places, you’d probably like to hear about new gadgets that might make your traveling easier and more fun. So, stick around for some of the things you might want to bring along next time you travel.

Driver diagnostic scan tool

If you like to travel by your own car, there’s always a risk of it breaking down suddenly on the road. This can be particularly messy if you’re on your own in a foreign country. Luckily, there is a device that can help you diagnose car trouble on the road. It’s connected to your car via Bluetooth, it’s easy to use and small enough so you don’t even feel like you brought anything extra to your trip.


Do you feel uncomfortable when you lie on your beach towel? It’s time to learn about the Tillow, which is a towel with a pillow in one. It doesn’t take up much more space than a regular towel and it will provide you with more comfort at the beach. You can also put your phone, wallet and other belongings inside a pillow pocket on the side to protect them from the sun, water or sand.

Carry closet

Packing for a casual vacation is much easier than packing for a semi-formal or a formal one. This often requires you to pack a suit or a formal gown that’s really hard to pack and keep it ironed. This is why you should think about getting a Go Travel carry closet which will enable you to store the clothes in the right form and keep it neat.

Power bank

This gadget is not as new and exciting as the others, but it’s extremely useful. Bring it along anywhere you go, and you’ll be able to feel safe wherever you are or if you happen to get lost. Nowadays, our cell phones are some sort of a guarantee of safety and you need to make sure to have yours charged at all times.

Universal adapter

Depending on where you travel or how many countries you’re going to visit in one trip, you might need an adapter to plug in your electronic devices. If you get a universal or a multi country adapter like this lindy ac adapter, you’ll always be prepared for what awaits you. Sure, there might be adapters on the spot where you arrive, but there’s also a chance that there are none, especially in smaller towns. So, it’s better to be prepared, just in case.

Hoodie pillow travel

Another awesome invention is an enhanced version of your usual travelling pillow. This pillow has a hoodie sewn onto it and there are several other perks as well. Firstly, it will keep the pillow fixed in a position you want it to stay, and secondly, it will also enable you to cover your eyes and ears. This gives you a feeling of privacy and an atmosphere more similar to lying in the dark when trying to sleep and it will make the whole experience much better.


Being on a trip often requires that you make compromises when it comes to bags and space inside them. Most of our travels happen in the summer and it’s often necessary to have a bottle of water on you at all times. Unfortunately, water bottles are terribly impractical and they take up too much space in our bags every time. This is why people came up with Memobottle. It is a bottle that’s basically shaped like a notebook. There are different dimensions available, letter-size, A4 or A5 in order to fit perfectly in your bag or briefcase. This way, you can stay hydrated and still organize your bag well.

Travelling makes us happy and fulfilled. We explore new places and discover new things every time we embark on a travelling adventure. So, now when we have some fun and useful information about these amazing travelling gadgets, no one will be able to stop us and we’ll be having the time of our lives every time we travel.