6 Things Seniors Should Always Bring On Vacation

Just because you’re over a certain age doesn’t mean that you should stop enjoying traveling.   Retirement is one of the best times for traveling since you no longer have to worry about missing work.

However, since you are of a certain age, there can be more risks involved with leaving home.  Therefore, it’s essential to make sure that you don’t forget critical items. Make sure that you pack these essentials so that you can stay safe and stress-free. 

Health Equipment

The older that you get, the more that you require things that make getting through the day more manageable.  Make sure that you don’t forget to pack any equipment that is essential for your day-to-day life.

Don’t forget things like your mouthguard, a walking cane, or hearing aids.  Realizing you’ve forgotten something that you depend on daily can be a massive spoiler for your trip. 

Rolling Suitcase

Even though you may feel 20 years old in your mind, your body isn’t a young sprout anymore.  It’s easy to throw your back out or trip and fall. Put the least amount of stress on your body by opting for a rolling suitcase on four wheels. That way, you can get around without having to worry about injuries or asking for help. 

Extra Reading Glasses

Glasses are one of those things that can easily get misplaced.  Since you depend on your reading glasses to be able to read your itinerary or emails back to family at home, it’s ideal to pack an extra pair for yourself. 

A Water Bottle

Dehydration is one of the biggest risks for seniors.  It’s essential to make sure that always carry around a bottle of water around with you, particularly on vacation.  If you’re traveling to a particularly warm location, you should always have a drink on hand. 


You likely have at least one medication that you take by the age of 65.  It’s essential to make sure that you bring it with you. The best way to remember is to write a list before you go so that you don’t risk this critical item being forgotten. 

Medical Instructions

Although no one wants to believe that the worst could happen to them while on vacation, it can.  Therefore, it’s ideal to travel with a copy of your medical instructions in case of emergency. It should clearly outline what medical wishes to follow and who to contact

Although there’s no way to entirely avoid things going wrong while traveling, regardless of your age, it’s possible to minimize your chances by being prepared.  By taking the time to remember to pack these items, you’ll be much less likely to find yourself in a pickle while you’re trying to enjoy yourself.