6 Best Motorcycle Routes For Travel In The U.S.

Riding around on your motorcycle is a great way to get some open road time without subjecting yourself to a breach of your quarantine.  Even if you travel with buddies, social distancing isn’t difficult when everyone brings their own ride.  

Figuring out where you’ll go may be the most difficult part of planning your journey.  Take a moment now to start the figuring, and read a little about some of the best motorcycle routes for travel in the United States. 

Beartooth Highway

Stretching across parts of Montana and Wyoming, the Beartooth Highway will take you high up into the Rocky Mountains.  In fact, it is the highest paved road in the northern region of the range.  

The full route measures just under 70 miles, so make plans for just how much of the route you want to see.  The route is intermediate in its challenge for the rider, so make sure your driving is up to par to handle the elevated skill level.  

Blue Ridge Parkway

If you plan to travel the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you should be well prepared and a seasoned rider.  The route extends almost 500 miles across North Carolina and Virginia.  

Make sure to rest up before and during your trip to avoid a motorcycle accident.  There are two different national parks along the route as well, so you won’t have a shortage of gorgeous displays of nature.  

Going-To-The-Sun Road

If you’re dying to see Glacier National Park in a whole new light, drive your motorcycle down the route of Going-To-The-Sun Road.  Going-To-The-Sun Road is the only paved path through the park, which makes it the best way to get a glimpse of all the natural beauty.  

The route is only about 50 miles, but the skill level is rate intermediate.  Make certain you are up for the challenging twists and turns ahead.  

State Route 1 in California

Running along the length of the West Coast, the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) or  State Route 1 in California goes on for nearly 700 miles.  You may not want to tackle the whole route all at once.  

However, the ride is easy and breathtaking at times.  Take your time checking out the PCH, and allow yourself a chance to see the vast variations of America’s landscapes.  

State Route 36 in California

Maybe a little lesser-known, State Route 36 in California is another sight to be seen.  This route is nearly 250 miles, and it showcases the redwood forests of northern California.  

Don’t allow yourself to lose concentration as you ride, because there are some blind twists and turns along the route.  Stay cautious, and stop when you need time to take in the sights.