5 Things You’ll Need as a New Parent

There are plenty of things that people are convinced they need once they have a baby. However, despite what people may say, there are really only a few things you absolutely need.- the rest is just nice to have. If you’re in the process of having a baby or you just had one, here are the top essentials you’ll need to make sure to have first !

A Bigger Car 

If you have a tiny two-seater, then it’s time to upgrade your car. Babies don’t just require space to install their car seats, but as they get older, they’ll start to accumulate more and more things. You need to make sure that you have a family vehicle that can hold everything your family needs- from groceries to more children. If a new car isn’t in your budget, then consider buying used. Whatever you do, just make sure that it’s large and safe to carry your precious cargo. 

A Quality Stroller 

Even though you might be tempted to skimp on the quality of your stroller since your baby won’t be a baby forever, you’ll thank yourself for getting a good one. If you live in a city, then chances are you’ll be pushing your baby around in a stroller quite a bit. You want to make sure that the wheels are durable enough to stand the test of time. Brand-new strollers can get pricey, so you may want to consider buying used ones. You can also look for strollers that could be converted into carry cot and car seat modes. If interested, this is an awesome mixx next pram by Nuna that you can check out or look for similar products to easily travel with your newborn.

A Nursing Pillow 

Regardless of whether you choose to bottle feed or breastfeed, it’s helpful to have a nursing pillow. Your baby is eating all of the time during the first few months of their life, and a nursing pillow helps support your baby’s head and your arms. By keeping your baby in the right feeding position, you and your new baby will have a much more positive feeding experience. 

Digital Thermometer  

New parents may find themselves often wondering if their baby is ill or not. A digital thermometer is a quick solution for taking your baby’s temperature on the fly. Since babies can be rather wiggly and may not be able to stay still long enough for traditional thermometers, a digital one is a practical alternative. 


Your baby will go through a considerable amount of diapers a day during the first few months of life. Make sure that you have plenty to cover your needs. Whether you choose to buy disposable diapers or use washable ones, just make sure you have enough in stock. Running out of diapers when you need one can be disastrous.