5 reasons why there’s nothing quite like seeing the world in a car

Matt Press is a car fanatic and the founder of The Drive Hive, a place where learners can book intensive driving courses.

The world’s a big place and everyone should want to travel around the globe and see as many experiences, cultures and climates as possible. Really, the only things to consider are where to go and how to travel.

In my opinion, there’s nothing quite like a taking in different destinations by car and here are 5 reasons why a taking road trip should be at the top of your to-do list for 2019.

  1. You’re in control

Yup, there’s nothing quite like freedom, eh? When you take a road trip, you’re not beholden to schedules. Forget about taking trains, or being hostage to flight times. Instead, in a car, you can go wherever you want, whenever you wish.

So long as you plan your route out in advance, travelling by car is incredibly liberating… which is partly why seeing the world is so exhilarating, isn’t it? You can also stop whenever you want, too. So if you see something worth exploring, it’s no hassle to park up and check it out. You can’t do that on a bus, tram and suchlike.

Equally, driving is great for being spontaneous and adjusting your plans on the fly. Let’s say you’re having a great time at a certain city. If that’s the case, then stay. Or if you’re having second thoughts about an activity on the agenda, then roll up your sleeves, press the pedal to the metal and kick on.

  1. You can pump out tunes

Put the gadgets down and forget about magazines or books. The best way to see the world is to drive alongside stellar songs and soundtracks. Just imagine if you’re driving down a road with your windows down – is there a better way to travel?

From Billy Joel to Sting and everything in between, upgrade your road trip with a decent playlist before leaving home.

  1. Getting lost means finding hidden gems

Now, you might be tempted with taking a road trip but are worried that you’re map-reading skills aren’t up to scratch. Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter.

Getting lost is part of the fun when it comes to road trips. And in fact, you can discover plenty of hidden gems when you take a wrong turn.

Heard of the phrase ‘off the beaten track’? I’d definitely advise you to do that, no matter what route you’re following. The beaten track is where all the secrets are hiding.

  1. You’ll bond with any passengers

There’s something about the context of sitting in a car on a long-distance adventure with something that makes you bond with them on a level that can’t be reached in other forms.

Just remember to be considerate for toilet breaks. And pack plenty of snacks – everyone gets hangry now and again.

  1. You’ll make memories for life

Whether we’re talking about your country or elsewhere in the world, seeing and exploring different sights from a car is a special journey. People often talk about ‘holidays of a lifetime’, but a road trip is something you’ll remember forever.

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving on your own or taking a companion, you won’t regret getting behind the wheel, switching on the engine, winding the windows down and seeing what the world has to offer.