5 Reasons to Add Nepal To Your Bucket List

Let’s be honest, somewhere in your bucket list, you may have listed anything to do with the mountains, nature, or adventure. However, it is pretty challenging to find a place that offers everything under the same roof. Nepal, the land of snowcapped peaks, is a perfect place for any activities that involve being in the lap of Mother Nature. All the more, possibilities are not limited to these activities only. There are far more exciting things to do and explore in Nepal.

Moreover, the country houses Mt. Everest – the world’s tallest mountain, making the country the best destination for trekking and mountaineering. The Himalayas of Nepal knows no bounds, and people traverse the country for its white peaks. Thus, in this blog, you will read 5 reasons to add Nepal in your bucket list.

For thrilling adventures

At some point in life, we want to do something crazy that is entirely out of our comfort zones. Most seek adventure for a drive to get something that is extraordinary and unusual. And in a way, it offers a sense of liberation that makes people feel light and elated at the same time. Nepal is home to several highest peaks globally and a landlocked country, so here, the adventurer will find many awesome things to do.

In Nepal, adventurers can go on a rock-climbing spree to summiting the world’s highest peak and extend their quest with a swift white-water rafting. The extravaganza does not only stop there. Explore adrenaline-rushing activities such as kayaking, canyoning, mountain biking, trekking in Nepal sky diving, ice climbing, peak climbing, skiing, and many more.

Also, soar up the sky with fantastic Paragliding over the Fewa Lake in Pokhara, or bungee jump over Bhote Koshi River. The decision is up to you, and there are plenty you can choose from. Thus, if you are craving adventure, then do visit Nepal for an undulating experience.

Experience abundance of wild vegetation

The nature lover will surely love the abundance in the wild vegetation. The country homes 3.2 percent and 1.1 percent of the world’s known flora and fauna. And for a tiny country wedged between two giant nations, India and China, Nepal plays a significant role in the ecosystem. And is known for being the Amazon of Asia. Therefore, a wide assortment of animal species is found in Nepal.

And anyone who sincerely loves watching them in their natural habitat will surely enjoy their time in Nepal. Furthermore, Nepal has 12 national parks, and most of them are open for visitors to explore. Among the 12 beautiful national parks, Chitwan and Bardia is the famous park for safaris. Through activities like jungle safari or jungle walking, people can observe wild creatures enjoying their purlieu.

Hence if being in nature entices you, then you will love exploring the lush jungles of Nepal.

To taste the cultural harmony.

The country houses more than a hundred different ethnic groups with their own culture, tradition, and history. Each ethnic tribe has a glorious cultural heritage to showcase. One would be amazed to see such diversity, living in harmony appreciating each other’s culture and religion.

As a matter of fact, Nepal is actually a Hindu country, but here, it is free to practice other religions too. Therefore, travelers can find people practicing Buddhism, Islam, and Christianism. Additionally, as the country is Hindu dominant, one can find impressive religious shrines in each alleyway around the Kathmandu valley.

Thus, if you love exploring copious traditional and cultural aspects, you must visit Nepal even though it is not on your bucket list.

It’s an affordable country.

Nepal is a tranquil place to visit, which is also a very affordable country. Quality hotels and foods are available at very reasonable prices. And if you use your budget wisely, you will find that you can save a lot of money. Aside from that, every penny you spend on activities such as adventure sports, cultural day tours, or extended treks will be well-spent. You may experience Everest Base Camp Trek in unbelievable price. You would not regret spending your money as these activities are worthy of your time and money. Besides, you will find these activities to be pretty reasonable than in other countries.

Lovely People and warm hospitality

Nepalese people have big hearts. If you visit their house without notice, they will greet you with open arms and offer you their most delectable delicacies. Furthermore, if you travel to the village area, you will always find them with a smile on their face. You are a guest to them, and we Nepalese regard guests as gods. And I must say that we are firm believers in God. They will treat you generously with what they have and attempt to communicate with you even though they do not understand your language.

The experience you gain in Nepal is not typical. It is authentic on its own, and we are unconventional. Anyone who visits Nepal will have a delightful memory of meeting people, tasting diverse cultures, encountering wild creatures, and challenging oneself with overwhelming adventure activities. Therefore, if anyone is looking for a unique experience, they should definitely add Nepal to their bucket list.