5 Food Festivals To Travel To This Year

One reason that many people travel is in order to eat new food. So, if you have any sort of upcoming journey and you put yourself in this category, it’s smart to do a little bit of research before you decide what your ultimate destination is going to be.

Five food festivals in particular are going to take you to Tacoma, South Beach, Charleston, Seattle, and Vegas. All of these places naturally have other things to do, but if you’re primarily going for the food festivals, you can make sure that you are there during the week or weekend where all the main culinary events are happening.

Taste of Tacoma

Though going to the Taste of Tacoma might not be something that you’ve heard of in the past, it really is a spectacular celebration of food. Tacoma is in Washington State, and it’s not as much of a major city as many of the other places that have food festivals. That sort of intimate nature can work in your favor, as you’ll be able to try amazing food in a less intense environment than in some of the other bigger cities or at larger events.

South Beach

If you like Cuban food, beautiful beaches to eat it at, and another major selection of interesting snacks all at the same time, then you can travel to South Beach in order to see what festival is going on there. One particular festival is sponsored by the Food Network, which means that you know it’s gonna be a huge deal. If you’ve never been to South Beach for any other reason, then traveling there for food and festivities may be one of those things that you remember for the rest of your life.


Then you can travel to Charleston some year and check out the wine selection. Every year in Charleston they have a major food festival that features not only the best of certain types of food, but also celebrates the different types of wine that you can pair everything with. Charleston is a great tourist destination for music as well, so you can mix your desire to have great eats along with listening to great tunes.

Bite of Seattle

Every year, the Pacific Northwest celebrates its range of food potential with an event called the Bite of Seattle. Not only do all the people in the Seattle and the surrounding area show up, but people from all over the world come. This is a great way to check out lots of international foods, as there isn’t a focus on one particular kind of cuisine, and the whole thing is extremely inclusive of all different types of eating habits.

Vegas Uncork’d

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But, if you’re traveling there to check out the food, then maybe you can bring pieces of Vegas back with you in terms of recipes and culinary savvy. Every year, there are numerous food festivals in the Las Vegas area, so you really just have to take one that matches up the best with whomever you want to see in the music circuit as well.