4 Ways You Can Be More Eco-Friendly When You Travel

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle in your day to day life is important.  From choosing sustainable materials to reducing our carbon emissions, there are many ways that we can contribute to a greener earth.  Yet, sustainability shouldn’t stop there.  Being eco-conscious is also important when we travel.  After all, even though you’re in a new destination, where you’re visiting is someone else’s home and should be treated as such.

Here are some practical ways that you can be a more eco-friendly traveler.

Avoid Ecologically Fragile Destinations

Even though you may be dying to check out tourist-dense locations like Venice or remote islands in Thailand, places like these are suffering from overtourism.  Nature is extremely impacted by the heavy number of tourists that visit every day and the amount of waste they leave behind.  Not to mention means of travel like cruise ships that are disastrous for the water.

Try to opt for destinations which may not be the most popular in travel books but are no less beautiful.  In fact, some travelers make a point to only visit destinations that are off the beaten path.  In most cases places like these offer a much more authentic experience.

Stay Longer in One Place

Many travelers want to jump from one city to another to get as many destinations in as possible during their trip.  Yet, a full itinerary means more carbon emissions.  Besides, when you spend less time somewhere you miss out on all sorts of experiences that can only be had if you stay a while.  Not to mention rushing is hardly a relaxing way to vacation. 

Use Public Transportation

Renting a car can be one of the most convenient ways to get around when you travel, yet it’s no secret that you’ll be, you guessed it— creating carbon emissions.  Instead of renting a car, or even taking taxis, why not take public transportation?  Not only are you contributing less carbon emissions but you’ll also save yourself plenty of money.  The average car rental costs about $300 a week depending on where you’re traveling to.  Whereas public transportation is considerably less regardless of where you are.  Not to mention you get to take in an authentic transportation experience with actual locals!

Conserve Energy

Many travelers are guilty of assuming that since they’re in a hotel they might as well take advantage of the free electricity!  They leave lights on, the television, and even the air conditioner.  Although it may be tempting to be lazy and make the most out of not having to pay the electric bill, it’s not doing the earth any favors.  Turn  off appliances and lights the same as you would at home!