4 Tips for Traveling With Kids

So you’re gearing up for a family adventure! Excellent! You’re in for a wonderful time. Travel is one of the best ways to create long-lasting memories for your children that they will cherish forever. 

However, depending on the age of your children, and where you’re traveling to, you could have your work cut out for you. Unless you’re traveling with a nanny, chances are you’re going to have your hands full.  To ensure a smooth sailing trip that brings your little sailors plenty of joy, here are some of the best tips for a fantastic voyage with kids.

Plan Ahead

A little planning goes a long way in life, and when it comes to traveling with kids, this motto couldn’t be closer to the truth. Before you pack your bags and hit the road, it’s important that you plan ahead. 

Get your kids involved a little by making them a part of the process. Choose the places you want to go and create a list of ideas for activities. While you don’t necessarily have to stick to the itinerary religiously, it helps to have a rough draft of how you’ll plan on spending the trip. This will avoid arguments, and potential mix-ups along the way.

Pack Like a Pro

This may be your first rodeo when it comes to traveling with kids— but it doesn’t have to look that way! Packing like a pro is key to stress-free travel with kids.  Before you even pull out the suitcase, make a list of everything you could possibly need. From toiletries to bathing suits, to their favorite toys, you want to make sure that you include absolutely everything that could make your trip more comfortable for the kids. 

Remember, a well-packed bag isn’t necessarily one that’s overpacked. It’s all about bringing the essentials that will allow you to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your trip.

Bring Airplane Entertainment

Don’t assume that the in-flight travel movies are enough to keep your little ones entertained. In fact, most kids will only watch about half a movie before they start getting antsy. For especially longer flights, you should consider having multiple activities ready to go. 

From a pack of markers and a pad of paper to a small travel game, it helps to have new activities to pull out every 30 minutes to an hour.  Not only will this make your kids’ lives easier, but also yours and the other passengers.


We hate to break it to you, but the younger your kids are, the more you have to accept the reality that you’re probably going to have a few hiccups along the way. Don’t forget to breathe, and remember that the challenges that come along with traveling with kids are part of the territory. 

Try to stay calm, and take it for what it is. No one said parenting was going to be easy, but it sure will be an adventure!