4 Things To Consider When Planning A Bachelorette’s Destination Weekend

Are you ready to throw the party of your life? Do you want to send the bride off with an exciting trip? Destination parties have become quite popular in the bachelorette world. After all, it’s a send off into a new journey. Why not allow leave the single-life behind with an exhilarating weekend of celebration? Whether traveling into a big city or heading to the beach, you’ll want to spend some time planning out a few key details, laying the foundation for an action-packed enjoyable trip. Here are 5 things to do to make it a success.

Have an Agenda

While you don’t want every minute scheduled, it’s good to have much of the weekend organized. Make sure you have everyone’s arrival information, particularly the bride. Then, piece together a few events and give this information out ahead of time. Have an arrival gathering, with some drinks and light fare. Sometimes people don’t know everyone. This is the chance to meet and greet, bridging the bride’s different worlds. In addition, an itinerary helps with budgeting and packing. For example, how will meals be handled? Do they know when to be ready to head out? Are any spa trips arranged? Send out an email, showing options and cost. The sooner it goes out, the better. 

Hire Transportation

Chances are your group is going to indulge at least one evening. It’s a party, right? Rather than designate a driver from the group, hire a company to take you around. Places such as luxury car rentals in in Montreal by Vanguard Luxury Rentals have drivers available. In addition, you can select something special, riding around in style.

Book a Room

Because this is a weekend of visiting, have the bride or you in a room with a larger space. This is the gathering area. That way when people need to gab, they know where to go. 

Get Reservations

Cities get busy. Don’t get caught hanging out in the waiting areas. Spend time researching nightlife and restaurants. Then, try to book places early. When you reserve your hotel or vehicle, speak with the employees about any extra perks available. Some companies have contacts with restaurants and clubs. When you rent your car or book your stay, they may be able to get you into some of the more popular establishments (without the need for a wait list).

Send your friend off with a blast, making memories with people who mean so much to her. Don’t leave it all to chance though. Spend some time thinking out the details. It may help the vacation run smoother.