4 Things You Need To Do Before You Move To The UK

MMoving country can be an extremely time-consuming process and that is whether you are doing it as an extended holiday, as a student, or even permanently in order to work. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of moving abroad and end up missing out on essential applications and so on.

Before moving abroad, especially to a country like the UK, you may have to plan various things. From applying for a passport to acquiring a UK Visa Mayfair or for another city, exploring insurance, residence (if moving permanently), etc., there are many factors to consider. To reduce your burden, you can explore an immigration lawyer who can assist you with the process and provide information on issues like spouse or family immigration. Moreover, to help you with the process of moving country, we’ve put together to get you on your way.

Passport First

It can seem like the most obvious point on the list but it is the most important. Passports allow you to travel from one country to another, so you will need to make sure it is up to date and covers the entirety of your journey. We don’t think there is anything worse than being stranded abroad so it’s essential you prepare for this in advance. Having this sorted before hand gives you enough time for it to be delivered and also gives you a lot of time to work through your checklist and avoid any unnecessary delays.


After you have sorted through your passport, the next thing to sort through is your visa – if it is needed. There are different visas depending on what you need. For example, UK visas give you a 6-month period to work in Britain, whereas students will more likely need a certain type of tier 1 visa, whereas will need UK working visas which will grant them access to work in the UK. Once you have things like this sorted you will find that you have the relevant legal documentation to stop yourself from getting turned away before your journey.

Always Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is your opportunity to get cover from a host of circumstances that could happen during your time abroad. Travel insurance can cover you in situations such as interrupted or delayed trips, any medical you need, dental care and even down to the loss of your luggage. Its important to get some sort of healthcare in place before moving to the UK, especially as not everybody is guaranteed to qualify for the free public healthcare available. If of course you are, you could amend your insurance around the healthcare you get in the UK.

Your Bank

As important as it is to get the right documentation and cover when you move to the UK, having your bank set up correctly is equally as important. Let them know that you are moving abroad and let them know that you could be swapping banks if a better deal arrives. You will need to prove that you are financially capable of moving abroad, otherwise your stay will be a lot shorter than expected.