4 Mistakes People Make When Traveling Abroad

Some people are born with the natural urge to explore the world around them and learn about all the cultures which the world has to offer.  Traveling to other countries can be an incredible opportunity not only to learn more about the planet as a whole, but you can also learn a lot about yourself.

Often the only way to learn, however, is through trial and error.  Through making mistakes, you discover the right and wrong way to go about things.  When it comes to the biggest mistakes that you can make when you go to another country, here are the most common, and what you can do to avoid them.

Failing To Learn The Local Traffic Laws

Since not everywhere in the world has the same rules as back at home, it’s important not to assume that you already know the law.  Many tourists visiting who rent a car fail to learn the local laws and end up getting into an accident as a result.

Not only can getting into a car accident abroad in a rental car be an expensive logistical nightmare, but it can even be fatal.  Do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with signs and which side of the road to drive on before you get in the car.

Not Trying The Local Food

Although you may be a creature of comfort and want to eat the same abroad as you would at home, this is doing yourself a huge disservice.

Rather than grabbing the most familiar dishes when you eat out, make sure that you ask about the best local dishes.  Trying new things is part of what travel is all about particularly when it comes to cuisine. Getting a taste of the best dishes in a country is a huge insight into the culture as a whole.


Even though you may be tempted to bring everything that you could ever possibly need since you’ll be so far from home, it can lead to a lot of problems.  If you get on a small connecting plane, for example, you will have to pay to check bags.  

You’ll also have a bigger risk of leaving something behind or getting it stolen since you’ll have so many things with you. You’re better of packing minimally.

Staying In Dense Tourist Areas

The more popular of an area that you stay in, the more likely it is that it’s priced much higher than other neighborhoods.

Whether you’re paying for accommodations or even a plate of food in a cafe, you’ll find that the densely populated tourist areas are much higher priced in general because of supply and demand.  Try to stay off the beaten path a little for a more enriching experience.