3 Ways To Avoid Staying In A Hotel Room With Bed Bugs

When staying in a hotel, you have to trust that the people caring for and maintaining that establishment are doing a good job. Otherwise, you could drive yourself crazy thinking about all the other people that have stayed in that room before you.

But sadly, despite how well housekeeping does at cleaning a room after one guest has checked out, pests like bed bugs can still make a home in that room. Knowing this, it’s up to you to ensure that you’re not staying in a hotel room that has a bed bug problem.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three ways to avoid staying in a hotel room with bed bugs

Know That They Can Be Found In Any Bed

You might think that if you stay in a fancy hotel that’s more expensive that you’d be able to decrease the chances of having bed bugs in the room. However, Sonia Rao, a contributor to the Washington Post, shares that that really isn’t the case.

Having bed bugs really has nothing to do with how clean a room or even the bed is. These pests can hitch a ride on anyone and be left by anyone onto any bed in any room in any hotel, despite how much you may be paying to stay there. So while you might think that you’ll be safer from bed bugs by choosing to stay in a hotel rather than a motel or a 5-star establishment as opposed to a 2-star place, you may find that you’re sorely mistaken. 

What you really need to do is to actually research and check out the hotel that you’re planning on staying in. 

Check Reviews Online

As part of your research, Debbie Hadley, a contributor to ThoughtCo.com, recommends that you search online for any mentions of previous guests finding bed bugs or having issues with bed bugs after they’d stayed in that hotel. 

To find out this information, you can look at reviews online or you can look at bed bug registries that people report their issues to. You’ll also want to look at how recent their claims are and if you can also see any evidence that the issue was addressed or taken care of by the hotel after these claims were made. 

Look At The Bed As Soon As You Get Your Room

Once you’ve chosen the hotel that you’re going to be staying in, the very first thing you should do once you get into the room, according to Amanda MacMillan, a contributor to Health.com, is to inspect the bed for any signs of bed bugs.

The best place to start your search is on the actual mattress. Look at the sides and the seams for any small black specks or actual bugs crawling around. If you spot anything, ask for a new room well away from the room that’s infested and then check that bed, too. 

You need to think of your hotel like a home. After all, this is where you will be staying for a number of days. And just like if you are at home, you don’t want your bed or home to be infested with bugs, whatever they may be. You would get in touch with a professional company like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/ to remove them before the problem has a chance to get any worse. And you need to do something similar when you are staying in a hotel.

If you’re wanting to do everything in your power to avoid staying in a hotel room with bed bugs, make sure you take the steps mentioned above each time you’ll be spending the night in a hotel room.