3 Tips For Preparing For Winter Travel

While traveling, in general, can be stressful, traveling during the winter can make that typical traveling-related stress feel even more pronounced. Not only is this the time of year when many other people will be traveling, jamming up the roadways and security lines, but the unpredictable weather can cause for scary traveling conditions and unforeseen closures or delays. So to help ensure that your winter travels don’t have you swearing off any future travels at the end of the year, here are three tips for preparing for winter travel.

Know When To Go

As was mentioned above, many people choose to travel to see their friends and family over the winter holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. So if you’re one of those people this year, you might want to think about when exactly you should be leaving so you can avoid running into all the other travelers on the road or at the airport. According to Ed Hewitt, a contributor to Smarter Travel, traveling on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving or the Sunday after Thanksgiving should be avoided if you can.

As so Christmas and New Years, look at your calendar for the year to see which days would be most convenient to spend the maximum amount of time with your loved ones without taking too many days off work—and don’t travel on those days. Those will be the days when everyone else will be hitting the road, so try to leave either before or after that if you’re wanting to save money and avoid the crowds.

Double-Check The Weather

Regardless of whether you’re going to be driving during your travels or if you’re planning to fly, it’s important that you double- or even triple-check the weather throughout your route. Winter storms can come in out of nowhere, making it dangerous to be on the roads and causing hazards like slipping, tripping, or falling when you’re not in transit. In addition to knowing what type of weather you’re in for, Jamie Gumbrecht, a contributor to CNN, recommends that you also brush up on your winter driving technique if you plan to be behind the wheel.

Find Joy In The Journey

Because you’re planning to be traveling in the winter, it’s going to be helpful if you just plan for some things to not go according to plan. To combat this, try to give yourself ample time to get to where you need to be and to allow certain things to just roll off your shoulders. If you’re able to do this, Nicole Fabian-Weber, a contributor to Redbook Magazine, shares that you’ll arrive at your destination ready to have a blast with your loved ones rather than stressed and annoyed from your misadventures.

If you’ll be traveling this winter, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you save safe and happy travels.