3 Tips For Packing Light For a Long Trip

Going on a long trip is something that takes a lot of preparation. From making arrangements at work for your leave of absence to make sure that your house is taken care of while you are gone.  One of the biggest stresses, however, is figuring out what exactly you’re going to need to take with you.

If you are planning a trip that involves going to lots of different countries you will definitely need to find a balance between packing anything you could possibly need to have on hand, but also making sure that it doesn’t weigh you down.  You may have certain things that you feel you simply can’t live without and aren’t willing to compromise. While packing you may find your eye twitching from the idea of something you are addicted to not coming with you.  However, you will thank yourself later when you are hauling around 50 pounds of unnecessary weight through various airports. Here are some of the best tips for packing light and saving yourself the unnecessary stress.

Limit The Amount Of Shoes

Anyone who has ever arrived at the check-in counter before their flight and has been told that their bag exceeds the weight allowance knows the sensation of their stomach dropping in a panic. They start to wonder what they can possibly do to get out of the extra baggage weight fee, desperate transferring whatever they can into their carry-on luggage.

Rather than letting yourself get to this point, however, try avoiding it altogether and eliminating the biggest culprits of weighing your bag down. The biggest offender of weighing your bag down is shoes.  Each pair can weigh between 3-5 pounds so if you have several pairs, there goes a large portion of your entire weight allowance right there.

Buy Toiletries Upon Arrival

Instead of packing all of your favorite shampoos and oils and lotions, try deciding to buy what you need upon arrival.  This way you can save weight in your luggage and have less risk of things potentially spilling or exploding while on your journey.

You will find that wherever you’re going usually has just as decent of products as back home if you know where to look.

Use Your Phone Camera

Try considering leaving your huge camera and 4 lenses back at home.  Even though capturing the best photo possible of your location is wonderful in theory, the fact of the matter is that it is going to be extra bulk to carry around.

Try depending on your smartphone to capture your trip, which in this modern age can be pretty close to a real camera. Not only does a phone weigh less, but you also have less of a risk of getting robbed.