3 Tips For Safely Operating A Rental Car When On Vacation

For most people, being on vacation makes them feel like anything’s possible. While this can be a great thing if you’re looking to try new things or have an unforgettable adventure, it could also make you more vulnerable to certain risks that you might otherwise avoid.

One of the most common reasons people on vacation die is due to being in a car accident. To keep this from happening to you, it can be helpful to know what you can do to ensure you’re safe when behind the wheel in a new car and in a new city.

To help you with this, here are three tips for safely operating a rental car when on vacation. 

Take Your Time With The Initial Inspection

Once you’ve reached your destination, your first stop will likely be picking up your rental car. And although you might be excited to get your trip underway, it’s vital that you take your time with the initial inspection of the vehicle before you drive it off the lot.

Ed Hewitt, a contributor to Smarter Travel, shares that not only should you be on the lookout for big cosmetic problems that you’ll want to report to the rental car agency before you take off, but you also want to look for smaller issues that might cause problems for you while you’re off driving this car. This could include things like loose parts, malfunctioning electrical equipment, or worn tires. 

Keep The Car On Paved Roads

Depending on where you’re traveling and what your plans on for your travel days, you might be forced to take your rental car on some dangerous or scary roads. But if you can at all avoid it, R. Hoyal, a contributor to IDriveSafely.com, recommends that you try to stay on paved roads.

By doing this, not only will you be able to maintain more control over the car when you’re driving it, but you’ll also be able to avoid situations where you might cause more damage to the vehicle than you otherwise would when driving on smooth, paved roads. 

Don’t Be An Easy Target

Not only should you be careful when you’re behind the wheel of a rental car, but you also need to make sure you’re taking the necessary precautions when you’re outside of your rental car.

According to TravelInsuranceReview.net, rental cars are often targets for thieves and burglars trying to make a quick buck. To keep your rental car from being broken into, try your best not to be an easy target by removing anything that suggests the car is a rental, including your luggage.

To help you stay safe during your travels, consider using the tips mentioned above to next time you use a rental car.