3 Tips For Preparing Your Home For Your Extended Absence While Traveling

If you’re a fan of taking short trips throughout the year, you likely don’t have to spend a lot of time getting your home ready for your absence. When you’ll just be out for a few days, the preparation level that you need to worry about is relatively low.

However, if you’re going to be taking a longer trip or having an extended vacation, you’ll want to spend some time ensuring that your home will be in good condition upon your arrival back to it. So to help you in doing this, here are three tips for preparing your home for your extended absence while traveling.

Keep The Pests Away

Regardless of where you live, there are likely to be certain pests that are known to invade the homes in your area. When you’re living in your home, you can take the necessary measures to stop them as soon as you notice any kind of infiltration. But when you’re going to be gone for a while, you need to take preventative steps like acquiring Mr Pest Control.

To help with this, HGTV recommends that you first clean out your home of all food that will either go back or could easily be broken into by pests. Once you’ve eliminated all of this type of food from your home, you should then spray your property for the most common pests that could get into your home. This could also include setting traps for things like spiders or mice.

Make A Plan For Yard Maintenance

Although your home might be sitting vacant for a while, you don’t necessarily want it to appear to be vacant the entire time you’re away. If your home obviously looks like no one is living there, it could become a target for vandals or vagrants. Because of this, you should take precautions to make your home look lived in and well taken care of.

As part of this, Rebecca Edwards, a contributor to SafeWise.com, advises that you find a way to ensure that your yard maintenance is kept up with while you’re away. In some situations, this can be dealt with by hiring a landscaping company to keep things trim. But if you have a lot of property, you might want to hire someone who has experience with things like backhoes or tractors so they do the work that your property requires.

However, if you intend to do your own backyard maintenance or use the tractor to plough the field, you may want to bring a tractor service manual with you so that you don’t have to rush to a mechanic every time something goes wrong with it. It may assist you in resolving the issues and saving you money on repair costs. If it is possible to handle the minor issues on your own merely by using a service manual, why not try these out?

Unplug Anything You Don’t Need To Keep Running

When you’re not going to be living at your house for a while, there’s really no reason to keep certain appliances or items running and plugged in, as they’ll only serve to waste energy and cost you money.

Because of this, DIY Network recommends that you unplug all appliances that you don’t need to have running while you’re gone. Additionally, you can also shut down your water heater and turn off the water to some of your rooms or appliances to help save money and reduce risk.

If you’re planning on taking an extended vacation soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare your home for your absence.