3 Reasons To Plan A Trip To New York City

While almost everyone around the world has heard about New York City, not everyone has been there. Depending on the kind of things you like to see and do when you travel, you might even be thinking that visiting New York City isn’t really something you’d enjoy. But while this city can sometimes get a bad rap for certain things, the Big Apple really has so much to offer. So if you’re on the fence about spending your time in this area, here are three reasons why you should plan a trip to New York City.

To Experience Many Different Cultures

With the size and diversity of New York City, you can just visit this one relatively small area and experience cultures from all over the world. According to Jesse Brukman, a contributor to Thrillist.com, there are tons of little pockets and neighborhoods around the city where you can eat food from all over the world, hear people speaking in all kinds of language, and truly feel like you’ve left America far behind. Once you’ve taken a trip to New York City, you won’t need to take another vacation for a while since it’ll seem to you as if you’ve been all around the globe in just a matter of days.

To See The Iconic Sights

New York City has some very iconic sights. While you’ve likely seen them all in pictures or movies, there’s nothing quite like seeing it for yourself and in person. According to Lance Richardson, a contributor to Traveller.co.au, anyone who visits New York City has got to see One World Observatory, Central Park, Times Square, and The Statue Of Liberty among other sights. Not only this, but it’s also a thrill to see places where some of your favorite moment in pop culture have taken place, from a scene from your favorite movie to even spotting a celebrity on the streets.

To Take In The Arts

Of all the things that New York City is known for, the arts of the city is arguably the most talked-about attribute. While you might always remember the traffic or that car accident you got into on your way to the airport, the difference between those events and the time you spend immersing yourself in the arts of the city is that those are the experiences you’ll never want to forget. And although Andrea Whittle shares that, like the streets, the museums can get a little crowded, you’ll at least be able to leave every museum or art installation feeling uplifted and in awe of the beauty you’ve just been able to witness.

If you’re trying to think of the next place you’ll travel to, consider the information mentioned above to help you decide if visiting New York City makes sense for you.