3 Interesting Ways To Incorporate Travel Into Your Wedding

For people who love to travel, this passion can become a big part of your life. When you’re not spending your time actively being on the road, you’re likely planning your next trip or preparing ways to make your next adventure possible.

So when you have a big event coming up, like your wedding, it only makes sense that you’d want your love of travel to play a part in that. While you can do something like a destination wedding or have the wedding take place on a boat or train, there are also ways you can have travel be a theme for your special day without actually having to leave your hometown.

To help you accomplish this, here are three interesting ways to incorporate travel into your wedding.

Set The Theme With Your Invites

If your friends and family know you well, they’re probably expecting travel to play a part in your wedding. So to show everyone that your love of travel is going to be a thread throughout your wedding plans, Sarah Landrum, a contributor to Ms. Career Girl, recommends that you set the theme with the invites you spend out.

You could incorporate travel by using postcards as your invites, using maps as part of your wedding stationery, or using fake passports. By starting off your wedding theme in your invites, it will help people to know what to expect from all the other wedding-related events and help them when getting wedding gifts for you. Just as an idea, you can have a traditional or vintage theme at your wedding. People that are present at the wedding can wear ceremonial dresses (that were used 5 decades ago), drive vintage cars, drink old wine, etc., which might give the 60s-70s theme to the occasion. For traveling to the wedding destination, classic cars such as Rolls Royce can be booked from RPD Limo or similar sites (that provide vintage cars). This might give an unforgettable memory to your guests and the event can be remembered as a cult classic wedding.

Make The Menu Global

In the time that you’ve spent traveling the world over, you’ve likely to come across a few of your favorite foods or meals from different countries or areas. As a great way to share your love of this food with your wedding guests, Nicole Yi, a contributor to PopSugar, suggests that you use your favorite globals meals as inspiration for the food you offer at your wedding.

You could have appetizers from one country, a main course from another, and desserts from an entirely different area. This will not only tie in the theme of travel to your event, but it will also be a great way for you two to remember the amazing times you’ve had while traveling together and share a fraction of these experiences with those at your wedding.

Encourage Your Guests To Travel Through Your Favors

As the final touch for your wedding, you may want to send your guests off with their own desire to travel by giving them a useful wedding favor. According to Libby MacCarthy, a contributor to The Knot, a great gift to give as your guests are departing is their own luggage tag. You could fill in the information with a special message from your wedding while also including a blank information card that they can fill out for when they go on their next trip.

If you love to travel and your wedding date is approaching, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you incorporate your passion for adventure into this special day.