Best Places to See the Stars in America

If you are a keen astronomer you will most likely have a telescope at home with which you observe the billions of stars, planets and other celestial objects that can be viewed with a powerful magnification. It’s a fascinating new world out there, and one that captivates young and old alike. Indeed, if you were anything like me, you probably became hooked on astronomy at a young age, and it’s a hobby and interest that never goes away. That’s why we want to talk about travel telescopes, which bring a potential new dimension to the table.

One of the problems with astronomy in the home is that, unless you are very lucky to live somewhere that is extremely remote, light pollution will be a problem. This is because the telescope relies on the light from the object you are looking at, and if there is other light nearby, its effectiveness will be impaired. It’s a problem you will be aware with if you view the skies from urban areas, and it’s hard to get away with. There are areas of the UK where you can find little or no light pollution, but what if you are planning on going on holiday, and want to take a telescope with you.

Dark Sky Reserves

The USA is a popular place for astronomers, and if you want to take a holiday in the USA to view the stars, we recommend you buy a travel scope such as those listed in an excellent review at As the review explains, these neat and very versatile devices are designed to be carried around – some even come with their own backpack – so they are made to be light and easy to assemble. They are also surprisingly inexpensive, so you will be pleasantly surprised when you check out the review.

The site gives you details of the magnification level – an important detail for astronomers – plus much more, and they offer their own opinion of the pros and cons of each model, and the one they believe to be the best. They also have reviews of many other items, including gadgets, household and garden implements, so it’s worth checking out.

Places to Consider

The USA has many areas of vast emptiness, so is always going to offer up a selection of Dark Sky Reserves. In fact, there is an official list of more than 50 areas – not all of them designated as such – so wherever you are in the US you will be able to find somewhere not too far away. Bear in mind, however, that some of these sites are remote, so be prepared to travel to find the optimum place.

The most highly recommended include the Potawatomi National Park, in Indiana, plus the Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania. These are relatively easy to reach, and are just a couple of the many sites you should consider. So, get yourself a travel telescope, book a holiday in the USA, and enjoy stargazing like nothing else on Earth.